Frank Raffaele: COFFEED

Frank Raffaele (YC ’95) of COFFEED goes by many names at the company: founder, CEO, head coffee dude, and more. By this spring, he may have another name when the newest COFFEED location opens in Fort Tryon Park at the historic building that houses New Leaf Restaurant.

COFFEED Roasters is a for-profit coffee group that supports various social missions: on average, 10 percent of drink revenue and 5 percent of food revenue is earmarked for local charitable causes. COFFEED’s commitment to local charities and communities will continue at the New Leaf location by supporting the New York Restoration Project and the Fort Tryon Park Trust, both of which help to maintain the park where the new branch is located.

If you have attended YAANY’s celebrated Foodtober urban rooftop farm tours in the last two years, then you may remember Frank greeting guests at the Long Island City location of COFFEED on the ground floor of the Brooklyn Grange farm. He is a friendly entrepreneur who was raised in Brooklyn and Queens, and is now serious about leading COFFEED mindfully as a profitable company that keeps charitable giving at the forefront of its mission.

YAANY is proud to spotlight COFFEED and its many achievements. Frank and his company’s admirable work includes committing to serve only single-origin coffees sourced via fair or direct trade, sourcing food from the local area, and promoting sustainability at every step of their products’ journeys from farm to cup or plate.

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