Company of Scholars

Company of Scholars, an educational enrichment initiative of YAANY, has a stellar group of active volunteers promoting innovative programming defined by intellectual field trips, facilitating meaningful opportunities for knowledge sharing and civic engagement throughout the cityscape.

The Company’s signature Excursion series has provided privileged access to: a rare book room in a stone palazzo overlooking Central Park with treasures of medical and public health history; a nineteenth century urban townhouse with lessons on decorative arts, social mores, and public infrastructure; and a breathtaking synagogue encapsulating stories of immigration and historic preservation. The Company allies with academic, cultural and civic organizations to encourage the cross-fertilization of ideas and community building.

The registration process for the Company’s events includes thoughtful and novel questions intended to provide fertile soil for meaningful connections among program participants. Attention is given to cultivating a hospitable and nurturing environment. Programming is open to one and all and takes seriously the Association’s role as an ambassador on behalf of the University. If you are keen to contribute to the intellectual life of the city and facilitate creative enrichment opportunities, volunteer with the Company of Scholars by e-mailing your name, contact information, and skills and interests to us at See what’s on the Company’s radar screen by following us on Twitter under the handle @CompanyScholars.

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