Henry "Hank" Tibensky ('03) Has Got Beef

“I'm Hank. I sell a mighty delicious juicy beef sandwich.”

Henry "Hank" Tibensky (SM '03) was eager to bring a taste of his hometown to NYC. “There's no other sandwich like it,” according to Hank. “And unless you're in the know in Chicago, you've probably never even heard of it. Some describe it as an ‘elevated French dip’ or Chicago's version of a cheesesteak. But it's not really like either. It's truly a unique sandwich and I was fortunate enough to have family who knew how to make it the old-school way.”

Hank began working on the idea in 2012 and officially launched the storefront this year. But really, you could say it all started back in New Haven. When asked what experience at Yale most impacted where he is today, Hank said, “Being the manager of the Yale Cake Agency! My buddy and I spent sophomore year selling well-priced birthday cakes to Yalie parents. We sourced the cakes from the dining hall staff and then delivered them (with balloons and utensils) to surprised and happy students!”

Cake may not be on the menu at Hank’s Juicy Beef, but homemade Italian Ice is, giving you another delicious reason to support your fellow Yalie by heading down to Chambers Street and visiting Hank’s new flagship location!

Take it from Hank: The best eats in NYC and New Haven


  • The roll at Luke's Lobster

  • The bowl at Dos Toros

  • The temaki at Uma Temakeria

  • Everything at Cafe Habana


  • Pizza (and beer) at Naples

  • Strombolis at Crown

  • Moosetracks Milkshakes at Yorkside

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