Join Lisa Tannenbaum ('02) for the 2017 Yale Day of Service, and Add "Oyster Farmer" t

"The Moriches Bay Project is a really great environmental organization

working in a very specific location."

Lisa Tannenbaum (ES '02) wears several hats as a volunteer in her community, and we asked her to tell us about each one: her fundraising work with the Parrish Art Museum, her board service with The Cashmere Foundation, and her Yale Day of Service site coordination with the Moriches Bay Project. Describe your current volunteer projects. My current volunteer projects include fundraising for the Parrish Art Museum's Spring Fling Benefit on April 22nd and planning a Yale Day of Service site in Westhampton Beach on May 13th with the Moriches Bay Project. I also just joined the board of The Cashmere Foundation which puts the spa experience into chemotherapy centers. What brought you to these causes? My love of arts programming for children brought me to join the Spring Fling benefit committee at the Parrish in Water Mill, as the event raises money for underprivileged children's programs in the Hamptons. I wanted to do a Day of Service event out East and the Moriches Bay Project seemed like the perfect partner. They plant oysters and eelgrass to clean up the waters of Moriches Bay, where I live. The Cashmere Foundation was founded in San Francisco by one of my former Parsons students and I wanted to support her efforts to bring aromatherapy and massage to patients undergoing cancer treatment. What makes these organizations unique? All three of these organizations are unique in their own way. The Parrish is the premier arts museum of the Hamptons. The Moriches Bay Project is a really great environmental organization working in a very specific location. And The Cashmere Foundation is just starting out on a very big mission which could change the way healthcare is delivered. Do you have personal connections to these missions? I have personal connections to all of these missions. I am a museum professional, I live in Moriches, and I am a cancer survivor as well as a spa history expert. How do you imagine the issues impacting your organization will change in the next 10 years? Here I'll just focus on The Cashmere Foundation, which has the potential to impact the patient experience in cancer treatment, bringing spa treatments scientifically proven to alleviate the symptoms and side effects of chemotherapy directly to the treatment area. We foresee that in the future decade spa treatment areas will be located directly adjacent to cancer treatment areas. What experience at Yale most impacted where you are today? I took the massage course offered at Payne Whitney Gymnasium as an undergrad, which really opened my eyes to hands-on healing. Also I wrote my senior thesis in architectural history on the Therme Vals, a famous spa in Switzerland and won a Mellon grant from Ezra Stiles College to travel there which was most impactful. What non-profit or activities were you involved with at Yale? I was Photography Editor of the Yale Daily News and I fenced sabre weapon freshman year. How can folks get involved? Come to the May 13th Yale Day of Service event in Westhampton Beach followed by a Happy Hour at Buoy One restaurant!

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