Yale Shared Identity/Interest Groups (SIGs)

On the Friday of Assembly, there was a presentation on shared identity and interest groups at Yale. The groups that presented include Yale International Alliance, Yale Jewish Alumni Association, and Society of Orpheus and Bacchus Alumni Association.

Yale International Alliance (YIA) initiative was introduced with objectives such as: creating international ambassadors that function as “connectors” regarding “strategy, programming, and outreach” locally and regionally to better serve the Yale community at large. Some initiatives involve connecting with other Yalies internationally online, using a Yale Global Map to connect with other Yalies while traveling internationally, with the goal of “building a supportive community around you wherever you are or go” *. The organization is presently seeking Ambassadors and 5-19 Board Members for the initiative from now through mid-January. For more info, please contact: yaleinternationalalliance.com.

Yale Jewish Alumni Association

“A group of Yale Jewish alumni, including Eli’s Mishpacha, have launched a new, comprehensive Yale Shared Interest Group (SIG) called the Yale Jewish Alumni Association (YJAA). YJAA is a registered 501(c)(3) in Connecticut and will act as an umbrella national organization for local YJAA chapters, and a convener of campus engagement. Through this effort, under the guidance of the Association of Yale Alumni, we aim to meet the needs of all Jewish alumni.

YJAA’s mission is to strengthen the Yale Jewish alumni community by creating connection and enabling lifelong learning and service.” *

More info can be found at: https://www.slifkacenter.org/alumni/

Society of Orpheus and Bacchus Alumni Association (SOBs) a cappella Singing Group

The SOBs created a Cyrus T. Elk Foundation, a grantmaking charity “to encourage growth of collegiate a cappella singing”, and preserve collegiate a cappella history & traditions of Yale and SOBs” among other initiatives. More info can be found at: http://yalesobs.com/Home.html.

*Quotes taken from AYA Assembly promotional materials and pertinent websites

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