Data Science: The Future of Knowledge

Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale

Speakers: Jeff Brock ’92, John Lafferty, and Daniel Spielman ’92

“The world is currently undergoing a data revolution: we face societal and technological changes comparable to the industrial revolution in their potential impact. The advent of new tools from machine learning and artificial intelligence are transforming how we process and assimilate information and data in science and society and in our culture more broadly. And yet the uncanny power of these tools lacks a clear mathematical foundation, and guarantees of fair and ethical application of their power are still elusive.” *

The professors listed gave an excellent overview of this concept and the benefit of Yale’s new initiative and AYA Assembly theme “Science at Yale Shaping the Future” in enabling “top domain scientists” to evaluate this cutting edge synthesis of data to better inform future research and resulting policy initiatives in better addressing human challenges on all intellectual fronts in and beyond pure science applications.

*Quotes taken from AYA Assembly promotional materials and pertinent websites

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